Frequently Asked Question's

Do you Install?

We only make and sale wigs, and hair products we do not install.

What Origin is the hair?

Dezzy J Crowned Creations supplies premium quality Virgin Human Hair, and Vietnamese Human Hair.

How long does the hair/wigs last?

  • Hair extensions can last for 2+ years with proper hair care maintenance.
  • Wig units can last 2+ years however the lace may need to be replace sooner depending on how often the unit is worn. The lace knots are bleached which allows the hairs the fall out easier, and because we may only wear our part in the same location you may notice it will become bold. We have lace replacement services for matters like this. 

How do I care for the hair/wigs?

  1. Cutting Lace - All units come with the lace attached, when cutting the lace we recommend using sharp scissors or blade and carefully use a zig zag motion from end to end for closures. Frontals can have vertical slits to help when installing with adhesive, then zig zag motions horizontally between each section.          
  2. Install - Closure units are glueless, we recommend using foam lotion to style edges and wrap with the wig grip and after completely dry add powder foundation to lace for a more realistic look. Frontal units requires some form of adhesive (holding spray, gel, or lace glue) we recommend using foam lotion to style edges and wrap with the wig grip and after completely dry add powder foundation to lace for a more realistic look.
  3. Bed Time Care - Installed units will best remain seamless by using wig grip/ satin bonnet  to keep lace melted into the skin and the Dezzy J Crowned Creation Satin Bonnet will maintain the appearance of the hair extensions. Curly/Wavy extensions is best to wet hair to detangle with wide tooth comb or wet brush then twist or braid and place in side bonnet.
  4. Wash Day - Use a large bowel or stop up the sink with cold water, add moisturizing shampoo of your choice to the water and dip in and out. Do not massage hair it will cause tangling. Massage the inside of the wig cap to remove any oils or grease build up from your scalp. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle the extensions. Rinse hair with cold water. Repeat if needed. Drain water from hair. Add moisturizing conditioner of your choice and comb through with wide tooth comb, place in ziplock bag or grocery bag and microwave for 30 seconds. Let it sit for 3-4 mins then rinse with cold water. Best method to dry hair is to hang and air dry.
  5. Styling - Use some form of heat protection before applying any heat. 

    Disclaimer: ( For wavy/curly textures) After Excessive Heat has been applied to this texture, the Hair will be trained to stay straight, the wave pattern will not come back.

    Please shampoo with cool water to maintain the curl pattern if you plan to wear it in its natural state. Hot water can also loosen the curl pattern.


Can my order be rushed?

All units are made with tender love and care therefore no order's can be rushed.

Can I pick up my order locally?

Yes, is you are locally in Jacksonville Florida you are able to select local pickup. Item must be paid for by noon ignorer to qualify for same day pickup. Pickup time will be between 6pm-7pm est at pickup location.

How long does shipping take?

Packages will arrive in 1-3 business days by the United States Postal Service.

How long is the processing time?

  • Custom Order's take 7-14 business days to be completed, then will be shipped/ Picked up.
  • BYOB Service order's take 3-5 business days to be completed, if you are mailing in extensions and the hair is not received with in 3 days the processing time will be extended.
  • Ready to ship order's are processed same day.

Do you accept returns/exchanges/refunds?

  • If you receive the incorrect item, you will be allowed to return and we will exchange for correct item.
  • To maintain a sanitized business we will not accept a unit you have placed on your head(tried on).If you purchase the incorrect size we will not exchange for the correct size, you are responsible for taking proper measurements and ordering the correct size.
  • If you notice you selected the incorrect size after check out is completed you are allotted 24 hours to email info@dezzyj.com to provide the correct size. Please include your order number and the correct size in a detail message.